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Week 9

Monday, May 25th

From Dentist to Leader - How a Young Dentist can start a Successful Career

Moderators: Dr. Oliver Brendel & Dr. Gary DeWood

Tuesday, May 26th

High Expectation Patients: Guidelines for Successful Outcomes

Moderators: Dr. Neil Starr & Dr. Mauro Fradeani

Thursday, May 28th

Interdisciplinary Management of Esthetic Problem Cases

Moderators: Prof. Markus Huerzeler, Dr. Cary Goldstein, Dr. Renato Cocconi

Week 8

Monday, May 18th

Immediate Implant placement in the Aesthetic Zone - Scientific Evidence

Moderators: Dr. Guido Bracchetti & Dr. Steve Chu

Tuesday, May 19th

Ortho/Perio in the Aligner Age

Moderators: Dr. Rick Roblee & Dr. Rafi Romano

Wednesday, May 20th

Resin-Bonded fixed Dental Protheses: Science & Clinical Recommendations

Moderators: Prof. Irena Sailer & Dr. Mark Pitel

Thursday, May 21st

Adhesive Update

Moderators: Dr. Ed Swift & Prof. Lorenzo Breschi

Week 7

Monday, May 11th

Mapping a Digital Workflow: Clinical and Laboratory Perspectives

Moderators: Dr. Ricardo Mitrani & Dr. Koray Feran

Tuesday, May 12th

Vertical Hard Tissue Augmentation in the Esthetic Zone

Moderators: Dr. Kirk Pasquinelli & Dr. Egon Euwe

Wednesday, May 13th

The Combined Orthodontic-surgical Treatment of
Deep Gingival Recession in the Lower Incisor

Moderators: Dr. Giano Ricci & Dr. Pat Allen

Thursday, May 14th

Bonding all-ceramic crowns and onlays - My Experience

Moderators: Dr. Massimo Fuzzi, Drs. Robert & Larry Rifkin

Week 6

Monday, May 4th

Standards in Dental Photography

Moderators: Dr. Mirela Feraru & Dr. Jon Yoshimura

Tuesday, May 5th

Treatment Planning Session

Moderators: Dr. Jean Wu, Dr. Matteo Capelli & Dr. David De Franco

Wednesday, May 6th

An interdisciplinary Team Approach to Complex Aesthetic & Restorative Challenges

Moderators: Prof. Aris Tripodakis & Dr. Alan Sulikowski

Thursday, May 7th

Managing Esthetics and Tooth Wear

Moderators: Dr. David Guichet & Dr. Sanjay Sethi

Week 5

Monday, April 27th

Importance of Soft Tissue Grafting around Implants: Slim Concept

Moderators: Dr. Arndt Happe & Dr. Kevin Murphy

Tuesday, April 28th

Central Incisor Dilemmas in our Growing Patients; Interdisciplinary Management to Achieve the most Optimal Outcome

Moderators: Dr. Steve Rimer & Dr. Amelie Bäumer-König

Wednesday, April 29th

Interproximal Periodontal Clinical Attachment Gain

Moderators: Dr. Hannes Wachtel & Dr. Marc Nevins

Thursday, April 30th

Remove or Restore

Moderators: Dr. Bob Winter & Dr. John Orloff

Week 4

Monday, April 20th

Modern Implant Prosthetics - Make the Right Decisions

Moderators: Nicola Pietrobon CDT & Dr. Todd Schoenbaum

Tuesday, April 21st

Recommendation Marketing in the Age of Social Media 2020: Google Your Way to the Top

Moderators: Dr. Amanda Saey & Dr. Siegfried Marquardt

Wednesday, April 22nd


Moderators: Dr. Christian Coachman & Dr. Brian LeSage

Thursday, April 23rd

Treatment Planning Session

Moderators: Dr. Brian Vence & Dr. Bruno Fissore

Week 3

Monday, April 13th

Towards a Biologically Oriented Esthetic Implant Restoration in the Smile Zone: Where do we stand?

Moderators: Prof. Jörg Strub & Dr. Vincent Celenza

Tuesday, April 14th

Medical Management of Dental Caries: The Science Behind It, and the Methods to Do It

Moderators: Dr. Ted Croll & Prof. Francesco Mangani

Wednesday, April 15th

Strategies for Success with Immediate Implants in the Aesthetic Zone

Moderators: Dr. Stavros Pelekanos & Dr. Dennis Tarnow

Thursday, April 16th

Avoidance and Management of Complications in Periodontal & Peri-implant Plastic Surgery with VISTA

Moderators: Dr. Jim Janakievski & Dr. Diego Capri

Week 2

Monday, April 6th

Preventive, Interceptive or Restoratives strategies to treat Tooth Wear? - an update on global treatment approach with focus on early, no-prep interventions

Speaker: Dr. Didier Dietschi (Switzerland, Active Member EAED)
Moderators: Dr. David Klaff & Dr. Cary Goldstein

Tuesday, April 7th

Integration of Esthetic Dentistry in Routine and Complex Prosthodontics

Speaker: Prof. Kenneth Malament (USA, AAED Fellow)
Moderators: Prof. Markus Blatz & Prof. Amelie Mainjot

Wednesday, April 8th

Bone augmentation simultaneously with the placement of implants in the esthetic zone

Speaker: Dr. Ueli Grunder (Switzerland, Active Member EAED)
Moderators: Dr. Gerd Körner & Dr. Barry Levin

Thursday, April 9th

The Evolution of Macro Implant Designs: Are They Transformational in Treatment?

Speaker: Prof. Stephen J. Chu (USA, AAED Fellow)
Moderators: Dr. Franck Bonnet & Dr. David Garber

Week 1

Wednesday, April 1st

The Cracked Tooth - What to Do?

Speaker: Dr. Konrad Meyenberg (Switzerland, Active Member EAED)
Moderators: Dr. Argiris Pissiotis & Dr. Oliver Pontius

Thursday, April 2nd

Virtual Patient: Advantages of New Technologies

Speaker: Dr. Francesco Mintrone (Italy, Active Member EAED)
Moderators: Prof. Wael Att & Vincent Fehmer, MDT