Alessandro Devigus

CV / Bio

CV: Alessandro Devigus
1987 Dental School Zurich (Switzerland)
since 1990 in own private practice
CEREC instructor at the Zurich Dental School (Clinic for Geriatric and Special Care Dentistry)
Various international courses, lectures and publications on CAD/CAM, Digital technologies
Editor-in-chief of the “International Journal of Esthetic Dentistry“ (Quintessence)
EAED “active member“, Bio-Emulation Mentor,  ITI Fellow und Speaker

Standards in Dental Photography

Dear colleagues,
Modern dentistry can no longer be imagined without photography. It has become an elementary component of diagnosis, communication, marketing and clinical success. Things have changed a lot since the introduction of digital photography 20 years ago. The range of products on the market is diverse and, especially for beginners, difficult to keep track of. The Internet and social media have not led to standardization or the development of new standards. Rather the opposite is the case: The rule “Everything is possible” prevails, and especially artistic photography, which has little to do with everyday practice, enjoys the greatest popularity.
It is not surprising that the advantages of photographic image recording are used in many practices. It is rather astonishing that there are still numerous practices in which this is not the case, and that photography is often not an integral part of dental training. The main problem of dental photography lies primarily in the partially difficult access to the object. Furthermore, the photographer has to struggle with illumination, perspective distortions and standardization. It is obvious to make professional demands on the photo documentation. This applies to the equipment, its handling as well as the processing and archiving of the images.
This Webinar wants to give an overview of the actual situation on equipment, settings and applications of Dental Photography.

Looking forward to share my knowledge and discuss with you
Yours sincerely
Dr. Alessandro Devigus, Bülach, Switzerland