Frank Celenza DDS

CV / Bio

Dr. Frank Celenza is a uniquely qualified dual specialist in the fields of both Periodontics and Orthodontics.  This dual certification positions him perfectly for the understanding and treatment planning of multi-faceted adult and teen dental needs.  He has been involved in post graduate teaching for over twenty years and is an acclaimed speaker worldwide.  Dr. Celenza has received numerous awards and commendations, and has authored many scientific articles and textbook chapters.  He has been in practice for over twenty years in New York City, New Jersey as well as Scarsdale, NY.  He is also the product of a long line of dental specialists, both his father and brother are recognized Prosthodontists. 

Dr. Celenza lives in New Jersey with his wife and three children.  Outside of dentistry, he is a multi-time National Champion in sports car racing circles, an avid cyclist and enjoys cooking and playing bass guitar. 

Ortho/Perio in the Aligner Age

Certain orthodontic movements are utilized for their beneficial impact upon the periodontium.  These movements include forced eruption, molar uprighting, embrasure management, root torqueing, and implant interactions.   Historically, these movements were accomplished primarily by employing fixed appliance mechanotherapy.  However, the advent and development of aligner therapy has developed to a level of sophistication that now allows these movements to be accomplished utilizing removable aligner techniques.  This presentation will delineate the philosophy behind these movements, the periodontal benefit, and display clinical cases that illustrate these methods.

Learning Objectives:

-Participants will develop an appreciation for the periodontal aspects of certain tooth movements

Participants will develop an appreciation for physiology of tooth movement

Participants will gain an understanding of aligner mechanotherapy

Participants will gain an exposure to interdisciplinary management of clinical situations